I create artifacts.


These are the objects that will be the strange, unexplained relics found in our future.

The work plays within and across boundaries of dreamscapes, memories, future questions and the uncanny valley of things are are almost, but not quite, familiar.


2D work:

Primarily acrylic on panel, with inks, watercolor, graphite.  Many layers are built up and then deconstructed. (Repeat as necessary.)


While these pieces feel to be a found historic or future artifact, they are created from titanium, vitreous enamel (glass fused to the metal), and precious metals. Machining and TIG welding are used alongside traditional metalsmithing methods.



Born in 1972 in Ohio, Matthew grew up primarily in the plains of Colorado. Briefly studying engineering and fine art at Colorado State University, he left to fully pursue art and fine craft, primarily self-taught.

2001 it became full time, showing work at high end arts/crafts festivals and galleries around the country.

His work has evolved away from traditional materials and aesthetics, becoming both more industrial and aged.  Titanium is the predominant material, involving machining and TIG welding alongside traditional metalsmithing methods.  Precious metals and stones, occasional found objects, and other alternate materials complete the work.  Primitive mechanics and a sense of lost history drive the functionality and aesthetics.

Matthew relocated to the Harambee neighborhood of Milwaukee in 2020.